A Message To Cape Coast Leaders And The Youth



"Are you not ashamed seeing your brilliant sons and smart daughters contributing immensely to the development of other regions to the neglect of their own? You are getting a good salary and seeing your brothers and sisters travelling to Accra, Kumasi and other regions to face all kinds of hardships  before they could eat. It is not pleasant. Remember it is us who say "wobisa WO fie na wommbisa wo sika". You can't love your enemies and hate yourself. 

The love of party is killing Cape Coast Oguaa too much. Western region is getting more than one harbour but central region was a pioneer in the nation's international businesses but can't even boast of one. Now when the Keta port is completed, all the coastal regions in Ghana except Central region will have harbours. What a shame!!!! 

Do you even know that Kumasi has a landport hence the cheaper cost of living? If we don't take care, Cape coast and central region as a whole will become a ghost region in the next score. It is arguable that the Central region has produced the most illustrious sons and daughters in this country and to some extent the sub region. We are the pioneer in everything called globalisation in West Africa but now, our great  city is the shadow of itself as described by international media. 

Cape Coast and Elmina were described as the little Europe by the Europeans but it is an eyesore now. Are the youth thinking about their parties and stomach to the neglect of their posterity? When we are compared to our ancestors, we have failed. This region is both the commercial and political Mecca of Ghana and if Western region which is our sister region now has been favoured to host the headquarters of GNPC, which I agree with the government, it is equally right to relocate the Ministries of education, tourism and culture, religion and chieftaincy, youth and sports, road and highways, health, the supreme court etc to Cape Coast. 

Why should Accra double as both the commercial and political capital? South Africa has three capitals. Ivory Coast, Nigeria and others have two. What is preventing Cape Coast from being considered as  the Administrative capital? They can decide to have the Parliament and the Supreme Court stay in Accra, relocate all the ministries together with governmental agencies to the Central region. This will make Accra the political capital while Cape Coast becomes the Administrative capital. 

Is this too much a reward to give to a region that has served as the foundation of our country? Which country in the world has forgotten their first Capital? No serious country will abandon a region of such great history and contribution to deteriorate. You might blame the traditional leaders but let's remember that they are not treated the same way as other chiefs. We can offer them our help and they will also support. After all, no one wants his state to be poor. We  have a lot of people working with the media. 

There are so many influential Fantes out there who are ready to see Cape Coast rise. We can organise numerous press meetings and this will make the Central government no matter who is in power to address this. Maybe they have forgotten the contributions of this region. Perhaps they don't want to recognise Cape Coast as the foundation of Ghana any longer and hence the first Capital. Candyman and others should say something about this.

No political sentiments attached but for the love of our people and great region. 

My name is Paul

I rep Cape Coast ♥️


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