ZANZIBAR Tourism Sites:

Old Fort of Zanzibar

Sultan’s Palace Zanzibar

House of Wonders

Anglican Cathedral

Old Fort and Cultural Centre

Old Slave Market

Slave Chambers

Beach Resorts (This became possible due to the direct inflow of tourist into Zanzibar)

Zanzibar is the tourism heartbeat of Tanzania. Alongside its beaches and tourist’s monuments, Zanzibar celebrates about the 10 festivals that increases the flow of tourists directly into the vicinity. Most famous of such festivals is the Zanzibar International Festival.  It’s capital(Zanzibar City) is located almost 95km east of the Capital and financial district of Dar es Salaam. 

Zanzibar had an old international airport but in 2010 it was upgraded and expanded to accommodate more numbers. There is also a ferry that transports tourists from the Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar. This has improved the infrastructure and economy of Zanzibar significantly due to influx of tourists directly to Zanzibar. Modern skyscraper hotels, resorts, and other significant developments have been improved recently. 

In addition, a lot of businesses have been set up due to the influx of tourist directly into Zanzibar. Furthermore, several tourist’s sites have been redeveloped due to the inflow of tourists directly into Zanzibar. This has created jobs for the over 1 million population. 

CENTRAL REGION tourism sites:

Kakum National Park

Cape Coast Castle

Elmina Castle

Hans Cottage

Assin Manso Slave River,

Africa Stingless Bee centre

Fort Williams, Fort Amsterdam and Dozens of poorly maintained forts 

St Francis De Sales Cathedral

Wesley Methodist Cathedral

Coconut grove beach hotel- Elmina

White Sands Beach- Gomoa

Central Region is the tourism heartbeat of Ghana. In addition, the history of Ghana cannot be told without the Central Region for its enormous contributions towards the development and democracy of our great Republic. Its Capital(Cape Coast), is the foundation of the nation’s education, Christian religion, politics, contemporary highlife music, football, modern law, boxing,  journalism and Pan Africanism. 

Most Ghanaians in leadership positions during the Gold Coast era and modern day Ghana were all trained and educated in this historic City. Alongside its beaches, history and tourists monuments, Central Region at large celeberates over 8 festivals that increases the flow of tourists directly into the region. Most notably among these festivals are, PANAFEST, Emancipation Day, Fetu Afahye, Aboakyir, Bakatue, Orange Friday, Its Capital is located approximately 180kms west of Accra.  However, Cape Coast and the Central Region at large remains one of the underdeveloped cities and region in Ghana even with its rich history amd,  monuments  and resources.

In conclusion, just like Zanzibar, Cape Coast and Central Region seeks to explore it tourism potentials that is already the 4th largest contributor to the nations GDP. An international airport will open the city and the region to direct investments which will create jobs for the residents. 

Just because we demand for an airport does not mean we do not seek for the dualization of the Accra- Cape Coast/Elmina highway, a railway, ferry harbor the development of the Fosu Lagoon and Development of the Old Post Office building. We demand for all these developments, but we are certain an airport will bring tourists closer to the city and the region which will open up the city and region to investment. Of course, Zanzibar has poor roads too, they have high unemployment rate too, they have poor people too, there is no UBER in Zanzibar too and indeed, majority of residents in Zanzibar cannot afford plane too. However, this has not prevented the government from constructing an international airport because the government’s main aim is to improve tourism. 

Oguaafo and Central Region, for how long should Oguaa and Central Region become the laughing stock of this country? How long are we going to give excuses to certain developments? 

We are tired and fed up  with the “booklong” Cape Coasters and Fantes sitting in Accra of their big English and grammar that has not yielded into any positive developments in their hometowns and region. For how long should we Wait? There is no time frame for development in Cape Coast and the region at large. This is the time!




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