Good Morning And Lets Stop Taking Precautions Lightly

Yesterday (12/8/2020) around 10:30pm at Akweteman Flat Top where i live, We heard the sound of another car knock with a possible thought of same reasons for every car knock we hear almost every two weeks, so i rushed as usual to the scene with the thought that it might be someone i may know cos it happened once. 

so on arrival i saw this man lying down and being pressed on his chest "to regain consciousness" so i shouted and said lets rush him to the hospital instead and surprisingly it seemed in a short moment no one was willing to hold his body so i took hold of the legs and told the guy who was pressing on his chest to hold his hands so we could lift him into the car, we did it and again no one was ready to join with the driver who was  shivering, i was also not ready just like the others but upon realizing how awkward it was joined with the guy who help to carry him in the car.

we headed towards 37 military hospital by the directive of one police officer, instead of Achimota hospital  and gave us an excourt, we got there safely and then handed the man to the emergency ward, i was regularly checking his pulse on our way to the hospital and it was working alright which i also heard from one nurse who confirmed to one doctor, but after some couple of minutes they came back and informed us that he couldn't  make it, it was a sad moment for us all but what could we have done.

Unfortunately the main reason why he got knocked was his refusal to use the foot bridge, which was just a step close. and that has been the habit of most of pedestrians who uses the road at FLAT TOP so advice yourself, your family, friends and loved ones not to invite death upon them selves by their actions. life is short but more shorter with carelessness. may God reduce are "too much" sense for us. 

Good Morning. and Lets Stop taking precautions lightly.

Seat Belts

Road Signs

Using Footbridges...etc.

Please Note: Photos: are personal Images I took sometime ago on the way to my work place around Akweteman Junction.( just to support caption and to whom it may concern, the nature of the situation.)

Thank you 

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