Akuffo Addo Failed Promises

Candidate Akufo Addo came to us in 2016 and begged us saying: "Try me and see. If I fail, kick me out." He made lucid promises which when fulfilled would justify his election and warrant the renewal of his mandate: 

1) He promised to develop Ghana without borrowing. What's the result? He borrowed more in 3½ than all govt since independence with nothing to show.

2) He promised to fight corruption using the Anas principle. What's the result? He's fighting everybody who's trying to fight corruption in his govt. 

3) He promised to operate a lead govt, he said Mahama's 85 Ministers were too much. What's the result? His govt is the largest in Ghana's history with 125 Ministers. 

4) He promised he'll never operate a family and friends govt. What's the result? He's operating the most nepotistic govt on earth. All his family members including his daughters and  are in his govt today. 

5) He promised to move from taxation to production. What's the result? He end up burdening the already suffering Ghanaians with more taxes. 

6) He promised one region one stadium, one region one Theatre, one district one modern market, one district one hospital, one district one factory, one highway one trauma center, one constituency $1million etc. What's the result? He failed to deliver. 

7) He promised to protect the public purse. What's the results? He rapped the public purse bloody and mortgaged all our major revenue streams with nothing to show for it.

10) He promised to create jobs. What's the result? After taken over power, he collapsed several indigenous companies rendering millions of Ghanaians jobless. 

11) He told us we're sitting on money and going hungry, and promised to transformed Ghana in 18 months if elected. What's the result? Only his family members have experienced the transformation he promised. 

12) He promised to build 350 brand new shs in his first 18 months in office. What's the result? It's been 4yrs and not even a single plot of land has been secured for one of the schools. 

13) After coming into office, he promised to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa. What's the result? Accra is more filthy and smelly today than ever before. 

14) He promised to bring Sky Train to Accra by August 2020. What's the result? Even the rail lines he laid on the ground were washed away by flood. 

15) He put his presidency on the line for the fight against galamsey. What's the result? He became the facilitator of galamsey for his party members and supervised the disappearance of over 600 excavators. 

16) He promised to build 60 modern libraries to mark the Ghana @60 celebration. What's the result? Not even a single block has been moulded anywhere for that project. 

All these and more are there for all to see. What was the agreement? "Kick me out when I fail to deliver these promises." Today he has failed, but he's telling you to give him 4 more years and you accepted it and shouting 4more for Nana! Which normal, informed, mentally liberated citizen who love Ghana will do this?

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