April NSS Allowance Has Been Paid


The National Service Secretariat has released funds to pay the January  allowance.  If you need help with checking whether the allowance has been paid into your account or not, then read to find out how to check your nss allowance..

How to withdraw NSS Monthly allowance
“Allawa no aba ooo…”, the famous phrase among National Service Personnel. Everything be on a standstill and the feelings become jolly as withdrawal will be triggered afterwards.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Go to the bank of which you possess its e-zwich card to activate.
The teller will then load the cash.

A receipt will be given to you to show whether the allawa has been deposited on E-zwich number.
After all the above processes, you request for cash withdrawal if the allawa is deposited

The procedure below can help in withdrawing “the NSS Allawa”

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