The entire youths and constituents of ekumfi constituency has express their joy and commitment to social intervention and infrastructure being executed in ekumfi by the president elect as one of his major priority of one district,one factory for the first time in history of ekumfi as we now can boost of fruit juice factory,chalk factory and cold store ice plant respectively.

Yeah We appreciate and congrats the president elect for retaining his seat and going forward looking for more infrastructure projects to be in place comes 2024 and beyond.

Ekumfi constituency is noted as NDC strong hold since 1996 until 2016,they lost to NPP parliamentary candidate Hon.Francis kingsley Ato Cudjoe for the first time in history of Ekumfi for the past 24years.

He was the first MP to have given ministerial portfolio as deputy minister for fisheries and acquah culture,he ascertain total votes of 12,240 representing 50.07% as against NDC parliamentary candidate Hon.Abeiku Crenstil  of 11,632 represent 47.58% of parliamentary results while the presidential always goes in favor of NDC ,then candidate Nana Akufo Addo during 2016 election had 42.49% against the sitting president H.E.John Mahama of 54.62% .

But this time around,the dynamics of ekumfi elections were subjected to different things together due to freebies,free Shs and other social interventions..Ekumfi is a fishing community with higher illiteracy rates but this time around more youths are engaging in education and vocational training than the previous occupation of being fisherman's.

With all these changes the president was able to obtain higher percentage of total votes cast than the incumbent MP who's happens to be NPP candidates and double as deputy minister for fisheries and acquah culture,the president obtain votes of 20,593 represent 51.12% as against candidate John Mahama of 19,694 representing 48.88% so this time around ekumfi voted for president elect H.E. NANA Addo..

NPP lost the seat to immediate former MP Hon.Abeiku Crentil of higher votes obtain for the second time which is 16,037 represent 99.92% against NPP candidates.

Hon.Francis Kinsley Ato cudjoe 13,468 represent 0.08% total votes cast.so clearly you can see skirts and blouse in just ended elections..

Going forward we would be grateful to see more development and infrastructure projects to ascertain any candidate who represents npp for 2024 to win and maintain the seat for npp as their strong hold also.

Ekow Morrison ekumfi youths activists charge the youths to votes against ndc comes 2024 as rescue mission to continue the good works of Npp administration..He also emphasis the need to unite as one people's to forge the battle ahead and campaign very serious in any aspect of manners,due to lacks of cooperation and division we lost the seat to ndc,am ushering any youths or constituents for reconciliation and build formidable teams for election 2024,the battle still remains the Lord's..

Signed By.

Ekow Morrison

(Founder of Ekumfi Ambassador Youths)

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