Election Report Guidelines

Election report guidelines

1. History of the voting pattern in that constituency

2. Point of Contact at the polling station is the Returning Officer (R.O). Seek permission and information from him/ her.

3. When reporting don't forget about the name of the Constituency and the polling station name.

4.Time of your arrival at the polling station  and what was going on at that time. Was voting in session if no then why.

5. Number of candidates contesting, the parties they belong to. The name of the incumbent and the others. Is that their first time or they have contested before.

6 number of registered voters at that particular polling station.

7. Incase voting is in session, let's know the turn out so far, the atmospheric condition. Chaos or calm.

8. Is security present, then how many are they. Are they security from police, fire, prison, military CEPS or immigration service,

9. When reporting on a violent related story, find a safer place to stand else you may be assaulted.

10. No bias or partiality. Interview both parties and get an unbias eyewitness to authenticate the story.
11. Resist from sensationalism or embellishment (painting a very dangerous situation about a story when infact it is far less severe than that).

12. Don't portray your party affiliation in your reportage. Focus on fact and figures. Report as it is even if it won't favour your choice. Remember you are working for your viewers or listeners and not for your own interest. Remain professional.

13. Verify a story from a colleague journalist before reporting. You might not know his agenda. Don't just take a story from him/ her and start reporting because he is a journalist unless you know his credibility very well.

14. Has there being a case where someone has been turn away for a particular reason either in violation of covid-19 protocols or misbehaviour.

15. Are people finding it difficult to go through the verification process. How many were verified manually.

16. Time voting ended and how many were still in the queue if there were any.


17. Number of registered voters

18. Number of total vote cast.

19. Number of Absenteeism (did not turn up at all to vote)

20. Number of spoilt ballot

21. Number of rejected ballot

22. Number of valid vote cast.

23. Give percentage from point 18 to point 26

24. Number of males as against females

25. Wining candidates margin of vote and percentage 

26. Loosing candidates margin of vote and percentage

27. Is there an issue of over voting. (Vote more than registered people at the polling station or constituency.

28. Name of Returning Officer who announce the results.

29. The mood of the winning candidates supporters and that of the loosing candidates supporters. Did the loser congratulates the winner or there was a protest

30. Not easy though but try to interview both the winning and the loosing candidates

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