Things You Can Not Do In 2021 Without The Ghana Card

Ghana Card which is known to be national identity Card which was allocated to all citizens of Ghana. Many people rushed to register for the card the moment it came because they knew the importance of this card.

There are many functions that this Ghana Card can play which we do not know aside claiming citizenship, a resident in Gahan, helping to know Ghana's population size it has other functions. This exercise started in the middle of this year and ended in some months time. We hoping the government will pave another chance for dose who could not do it probably next year.

There are a lot of advantages for citizens who were not able to register for this Ghana Identification Card. There Certain things that they will not be permitted to do, if you don't have access to the card. What makes this card unique is each holder of this card has a Personal Identification Number on the card can be used by that person only. Any time that pin is entered it will give the full details of the individual. 

Some important things this card can do aside the mentioned points above. 

1. Acquisition of passport

2. Divers License Acquisition

3. Shipping and clearing of goods from the port

4. Receipts of banking services

5. Registration of Business

6. Educational reasons

7. Traveling outside the country

8. Electoral Registration

9. Claiming of pension pays 

10. Access to Social Services. Eg the National Health Insurance Scheme NHIS.

The most important thing on this card is the Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN gives every detailed information about you when it is entered into a system. This helps to avoid fraud. The card can not be used by any other person except you alone because of the finger print features and the picture on it.

If you don't have one yet please do well and grab your.


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