Election Petition: Another Error Discovered In Tsikata’s Closing Address To The Supreme Court

What was supposed to be a petition challenging an alleged error in the declaration made by the chairperson of the Electoral Commission on December 9 2020, turned out to be itself riddled with errors as has been seen since the 2020 election petition hearing commenced.

The first error was identified by the lawyers for the 2nd respondent, when they identified that the original petition was actually praying the court for a runoff between John Mahama and Jean Adukwei Mensa, the chairperson of the EC.

Having been granted leave to amend the error in the petition against the argument of the 1st and 2nd respondents, the amended petition also turned out with an error.

Yet another error has been identified in the petitioner’s final closing address to the Supreme Court, in which the petitioner claims to have filed his petition on 30th December 2021 even though we are still in February 2021.

It is unclear if the counsel for the petitioner will pray the court for another leave to amend their closing address.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is expected to deliver their verdict on March 4 2021.

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