Landlords need our permission to increase rent – Rent Control dept

The Rent Control Department says Landlords do not have the right to increase their rent charges without permission from the department.

According to the PRO of the Rent Control Department, rent can only be increased after the department has conducted an assessment of the House and issued out a certificate of satisfaction.

“The landlord has no right to increase the price of his premises. The landlord should come to us for an assessment certificate. Tenants should also insist on the assessment certificate from the landlord. Landlords can’t determine how much they want to charge for their premises. Because it’s on a commercial basis you have to come to us” Emmanuel Kposu said in an interview. 

He reiterated no Ghanaian should pay more than six months rent advance to a landlord.

“As a tenant, you have no right to pay more than 6 months rent advance. As a tenant, you can’t use the place for illegal businesses [Eg. commercial sex and selling drugs). There are a lot of issues about the 6 months rent and we agree. But if landlords understand that it’s a long term investment, they’ll calm down. If you go before a landlord and he/she is demanding more than 6 months rent, you the prospective tenant should report the landlord to us.

“According to the rent Act 1963 220, the rent will be recovered every month and in that act, the maximum rent any landlord should take is 6 months [ for long term] and 3 months [ for short term]. When any landlord goes contrary to any of our laws, the person is fined GHc1200 or 6 months imprisonment, subject to the discretion of the magistrate”.

Source: Star FM

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