If Eve was an afterthought, why was Adam created with a penis & testicles” A Plus asks


In the Bible’s story about creation, we were told God created Adam only in the Garden of Eden.

But after realising that Adam was lonely, HE decided to give him a companion. And by so doing, he put Adam into a deep sleep after which he removed his ribs to make Eve.

Meaning that before Adam was made, God had no intention of creating a female.

Now,  is asking a very important question on Instagram.

In a post, he quizzed that if Eve was an afterthought, then why was Adam created with penis and testicles?

A lot of people responded saying Adam needed a penis to pass urine — and that’s perfectly correct.

But what about the testicles, we were thought in school that the testicles produces and stores semen — so it has no role to play in how urine is passed out.

Why then did God create the testicles if there was no female design initially?

That’s the question Kwame A Plus is asking:

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