The search for 15 contestants to compete for 2021 editions of tertiary music Icon has begun.

The search for 15 contestants to compete for 2021 editions of tertiary music Icon has begun.

Submit your demo and details to stand a chance of winning 5,000GH and 2 month recording contract and a trip to Dubai. 



TMI (“The Show”) is generally open to all tertiary students music artistes who live in, or are ordinarily resident in Ghana.

Applicants who are less than Eighteen (18) years of age are required to obtain the written consent of a parent or legal guardian before they are deemed qualified to participate in the Show.

An Applicant shall not be eligible to enter the Show if that Applicant is a party to:

A talent management contract or a contract with a talent agent.

An existing music recording contract either alone or as a member of a group.

Any existing agreement which relates to the use by another person of that Applicant’s name, alias, voice or likeness.

Any exclusive acting agreement.

A professional contract; or

Any other arrangement of a contractual nature, whether written or oral, that in the opinion of the Organizers of the Show would prevent the Applicant from being fully committed to the Show or fully committed to any agreement that may result from that Applicant’s participation in the Show

All Applicants understand that the tendering of an application is only one step in participating in the Show and is no guarantee that that Applicant would be selected as a Contestant to participate in the Show.


All Applicants are to register via the link

For an application to be considered complete the Registration Form and attached the following:

a. A passport picture of the Applicant

b. Proof of the Applicant’s Identity Students ID and A picture of any of the following Passport, Voter’s ID, National ID, National Health Insurance ID, and Driver’s License). Note that Applicants may be required to produce the originals for inspection.

c. A copy of the Demo being entered for the Show. Note that the demo should be recorded and send in an mp3 fomart.

d. A copy of the lyric sheet for the song on the Demo, and where the Demo includes a song which is partly or wholly in a language other than English, an English translation should be provided.

e. For Applicants who are below the age of Eighteen (18) years the parental portion must be signed by that Applicant’s parent or legal guardian.

Only one Demo per Applicant shall be accepted for consideration. For the purpose of these Term and Conditions, a Demo is a CD containing One (1) Song

Applicants shall only submit songs, which do not exceed three (3) minutes in length, which are the original work of that Applicant and result from that Applicant’s independent effort.

The date for the close of submission of the Forms   is 20th March, 2021.


The Show shall comprise 15 Contestants,

Progression to the final of the Show shall be determined by public voting , basic on your demo song.

In the final The judges’ scores shall account for 60% and the public vote 40% of the total score of each Contestant.

In the event that there is a tie between Contestants, the Panel of Judges shall determine the final outcome.

10 Contestants shall be evicted until there are 5 finalists remaining, who will be house for 2weeks to prepare for a stage performance.

The 5 finalists shall compete for the Ultimate Prize.

The Show shall last for a period that shall be determined by the Organizers and shall be communicated to the Contestants.

Contestant shall perform their songs, and execute their acts, devoid of obscenity or otherwise offensive material. Contestants may be sanctioned by the Organizers, as the Organizers see fit, if this provision is contravened.

At the conclusion of the Show, the Winner:

a. Shall be Awarded a cash prize of GHS 5,000

b. Shall be awarded a music contract worth GHS 2,000

c. A Trip to Dubai

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