There’s Still Chance For Jean Mensah To Be Cross-Examined – Tsikata Reveals

Tsatsu Tsikata, Legal Counsel for petitioner in the just ended election petition has disclosed that EC Chair, Jean Mensah can still be compelled to mount the witness box and be cross-examined.

According to him there’s a window in the judgement that allows the petitioner to have Jean Mensa mount the witness box; noting that a case of unfair treatment can be filed at a High Court and the EC chair will be compelled to enter the box for cross-examination.

Speraking on the KSM Tsatsu was asked to enumerate the questions he intended to ask Jean Mensa during cross-examination, however, he refused stressing there’s still an opportunity to throw those questions at the EC boss.

“I’m not going to tell you all the things I would ask her in the box because there can still be an opportunity for her to enter the box. According to [a] decision by the judges, there are still some issues that can be raised in a High Court case. There were issues about Article 23 of the constitution which is the duty for her to act fairly which is a duty the Constitution imposes on all officials in any administrative capacity.

“When we put across the fact that she had not acted fairly, what the court said is that, that is a matter that has to be taken to the High Court so if anyone decides to take the matter to the High Court, I guess she will still have to mount the box.”

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