Argument DONE: Ghanaian ladies aren’t boring during conversations but GH guys always bring football and betting issues for discussion

The FAQs is that Ghanaian women are boring and are terrible at keeping a conversation going. But upon critical analysis and survey, the problem emanates from the camp of the men considering the very things they bring out for discussion – mainly football and betting.

Perhaps it’s at the back of this that Vanessa Bless Nordzi has taken to Facebook to set the records straight to clear doubts as to why most men believe that Ghanaian women are boring when they go on date or any kind of outing with a man.

Read below the candid opinion of Vanessa Bless Nordzi who doubles as a freelance journalist and author of the novel, “Shadow In The Dark”.

There is a cliché going on that Ghanaian women are boring and are terrible at keeping a conversation going. Funny enough, I see a lot of men agreeing with it and it makes me wonder if they truly understand the species called “women”.

One peculiar thing men have refused to understand when it comes to dealing with women is the fact that women are naturally curious. Women have the best sixth sense and that’s why it’s easier for them to catch a cheating spouse without necessarily hacking into his phone. It’s a gift.

However, if a lady doesn’t like you, that gift of “inquisitiveness” will not be utilized for the simple FACT that she ISN’T interested in getting to know you!

When you have nothing in common with even your fellow man how do you keep a conversation going on? Assuming you like to talk about sports, stock exchange, bets, women, and the only thing your MALE friend is interested in is neurotics, archaeology and astrology. How do you converse with such a person?

It is easier to assume that the person is boring and can’t hold a conversation when you have forgotten the simple FACT that you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common!

Now with this ideology, when you meet a lady for the first time, there are some things you should take into consideration.

1. The fact that you instantly liked her and want to talk to her doesn’t mean she feels the same. She is likely to turn you down politely or harshly depending on her personality. But most men don’t like to be turned down so they rather push further until the lady becomes harsh and he goes about saying she is rude.

2. If she starts talking to you, it doesn’t mean she automatically likes you. She is probably trying to find out common interests to see if you both have similar ideologies, beliefs, interests etc. The conversation will last longer if you have at least 40% of things in common.

3. There is NO boring lady! There is rather boring questions.

Assuming you are chatting with a lady and she is talking about the weather and you have no knowledge or interest in the weather, how do you think the conversation will go? You can easily call such a girl boring which she is not. You are just asking the wrong questions!

4. If you keep asking a lady how her day was, if she has eaten every single day without bringing up any other topic, the conversation will go one way. But if she likes you too, she’d want to get to know more about you and ask you personal questions.

Lastly, just know that some people are really good at having a conversation, others too are just “Q&A” kinda people either way you just go with the flow. It’s the circle of life. If you have to force the conversation, don’t waste your time, she doesn’t like you!

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