Make Laws To Force People To Explain Their Source Of Wealth – Ras Mubarak To Gov’t

Former Kumbungu lawmaker, Ras Mubarak says the state must enact laws to go after persons who are unable to explain their source of wealth.

According to him such persons who become rich overnight and cannot explain their source are the reason many youth are motivated to make money at all cost even if they have to kill.

His comment comes on the back of the murder of a 11-year old boy at Kasoa.

“Currently a ten-year-old was killed and we are all worried and it is because apart from what is being shown on TV and internet, and parents not having time for their children, there is an issue of unexplained wealth. People who have not really sailed through life suddenly own mansions in East Legon, Trasaaco, Cantonments and you ask yourself what is happening here. All manner of people not just politicians but worryingly politicians as well. In my time at parliament, it was one of those things that I fought and championed strongly but unfortunately, it seems the system is not interested in going after people who can’t explain their source of wealth”, he told Raymond Nyamador on the Happy Morning Show.


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