Fire Service reportedly arrived earlier at Makola fire scene but failed to intervene because they were out of water


Traders in Makola are in deep trouble as some part of the market is currently blazing with fire. 

In fact videos taken from the fire scene indicates just how heavy the fire outbreak is, adding to the already choked happenings in the country within the past weeks. 

The manner in which the fire is blazing is enough evidence of the number of properties that are already destroyed out there but informations we gathered indicates the Fire service could have saved the situation.

Tv3 journalist Roland Walker made it known that the National fir service which is just a walking distance from the fire scene were called to put an immediate stop to the fire when it just started. 

The sad ad funny thing is that the service personnels arrived but told the people they are out if water therefore they have to go back and make preparations with their water problem before returning to fight the fire.


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