Ghanaian man ends up in prison for sleeping with 30 women without condom and hitting his wife with a stone after she confronted him (Watch)


A Ghanaian man has booked his ticket to prison after he hit his wife with a stone for confronting him over his infidelity. 

The man, with no iota of remorse, told Crime Check TV that he had intercourse with 30 women without protection and he got infuriated when his wife had the audacity to confront him.

Identified as Kwadwo Samuel, a native of Asante Mampong- the man has consequently bagged 7-months in prison for assaulting his wife.

Crime Check TV shared his story on Facebook and narrated thus;

“Kwadwo Samuel hails from Asante Mampong. He is serving 7 months in prison for hitting her wife with a stone for daring to question him about his promiscuous lifestyle.

What is surprising is that he claims proudly to have slept with thirty women without condom.

He says he sees no need in using a condom and does not understand why anyone will think of using one. What could be wrong with Samuel?”

Watch the video below;


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