I've Worked in US for 20 yrs; stop Deceiving Ghanaians that we're in Heaven - Man tells Twene Jonas

A businessman from Ghana named Chris Dollar who has lived in the US for 20 years has told Twene Jonas to stop lying to Ghanaians According to Chris Dollar, life in the US is not easy and cannot be regarded as living in heaven Chris also warned Twene that his actions can negatively affect Ghanaians both home and abroad.

Chris Dollar, a man from Ghana who has indicated that he lived in the United States for 20 years has confronted sensational Ghanaian social media activist, Twene Jonas. During a live video Twene Jonas was shooting, Chris Dollar exposed the activist for always flaunting a luxurious lifestyle, suggesting that life in the US is extremely easy.

Whilst the confrontation was ongoing, Chris Dollar indicated that after two decades of living in the 'dreamland', he has been unable to get the kind of life Twene Jonas projects.

He further warned Twene Jonas to stop making Ghanaians abroad who aren't doing so well feel useless and Ghanaians back home who are suffering feel hopeless. As YEN.com.gh earlier reported, Twene Jonas inadvertently confessed in the video that he has actually been portraying a fake lifestyle online for social media views. According to Twene Jonas, if he told people the truth, they would not be so keen to listen to him and follow him on social media.

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Source: Yen.com.gh 

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