Latest NABCO News On Monitoring Of Trainees, 2021

Following the training of our Regional Monitoring Teams (RMTs) on the new monitoring regime for the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) Scheme, you are by this circular notified that the schedule for monitoring commences from 1st July 2021, with Educate Ghana trainees.

Under the new monitoring regime, all RMTs will work collaboratively (within a zone) on tackling Module Implementation Partners (MIPS) and trainees on a module-by-module basis. Our schedule for the current cohort of NABCO trainees runs till end October 2021 as follows:

2021 Schedule

1. July – Educate Ghana

2. August – Revenue/Civic Ghana

3. September – Enterprise/Heal Ghana

4. October – Digitise/Feed Ghana

For the month of July therefore, all trainees on Educate Ghana should expect to be visited by the monitors for their zone. All trainees are to continue to attend to work regularly at all times.

As a trainee whose module is being monitored, kindly make available to monitors on request the following: Your ID and prove of employment on the scheme, your academic certificates/qualifications, trainee logbook, signed timesheet with a contact of line manager for the month before your module monitoring, and your professional registration (e.g.. Licensure for Educate Ghana or a PIN/AIN for Heal Ghana Trainees).

Please note that your absence and/or refusal to have these ready when monitors visit can affect your continuation on the programme, unless you have already declined or exited.

We politely expect all stakeholders to cooperate with, and avoid obstruction of our monitors; including HQ staff, MIPS, RCS, DCS, RTCS and other relevant state institutions. All monitoring teams must observe appropriate COVID-19 protocols on their visits. Thank you for your cooperation and attention.

If you are unsure about a visiting monitor, you may contact the M&E Liaison or our Headquarters on 0244 528 456 and 0302 736 836 respectively.

NABCO Headquarters (Dated: 29th June, 2021)

Source: ghnewsoutlets

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