Meet Denis Avner, the man who spent more than $200,000 to look like a tiger


Denis Avner is an American who invested a huge amount of money that is over 1 billion Ghana Cedis on his body modification just to look like a tiger.

The world today is full of individual choices be it the right choice or wrong choice. Everyone does what is right to themselves because the reason for doing it is best know to themselves regardless of the criticisms from the society. 

Science and technology have played very important roles since they were introduced by some hardworking scientists several years back. This has made our modern lives so easy and simple that everything that seems impossible sometimes ago are now possible especially in the medical fields.

Individuals can choose to transform any parts of their bodies of choice and this can be done within the shortest time depending on your financial resources. One can decide to change their body into that of animals of their choice and this can be done.

In this modern era, even the gender of an individual can be changed in no time by qualified medical professionals with the help of science and technology. I dont have to tell you much because you may already know even much than I do.

Now let us get started with Denis Avner popularly known as Stalking Cat. Stalking cat was an American man known for his extensive body modification which was intended to increase his resemblance to that of a tiger. 

In the early life of Denis Avner, he joined the navy of the US as a sonar technician and later left his navy post for a computer programmer technician in California.

In the early 80s, he started to develop some love for tigers. Stalking Cat began tattooing and surgically modifying his face. In an interview as to why he chose to alter the shape of his natural face and appearance, he said he chose to alter his face according to what he believed was ancient Wyandot tradition. This was his personal belief not a traditional practice.

After Denis Avner finally decided to modify his body to look like a tiger, his first tattoo was done in1985 by Larry Hanks. Denis had over 14 modifications to look like his desired creature and this included the following;

1. Extensive tattooing including facial tattooing

2. Facial subdermal implants to change the shape of his brow, forehead and the bridge of his nose.

3. Flattening his nose via septum relocations.

4. Silicon injection in his lips, cheeks, chins and other parts of his face.

5. Splitting his upper lip

6. Filling and capping his teeth

7. Surgical shaping of ears making his ears pointed and his earlobes elongated.

8. Surgical hairline modification

9. Piercing his upper lip and transdermal implants on his forehead, to facilitate wearing whiskers

10. Wearing green contact lenses with slit irises

11. Wearing a robotic tail.

He also had other future modifications plans completed which made it up to the 14 modifications for his look as a tiger.

On November, 2020, Stalking Cat was found dead in his garage alone at the age of 54. According to reports, he death was a suicide he committed to end his life.

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