Meet Joseph arrested at age 15 and served for 68 years, released in 2021 for a crime he claim to be innocent of

Joseph Ligon is 83 years old and has been serving a prison sentence for 63 years. However, he still claims he is innocent and never committed the crime he was accused of. He has recently been offered parole but turned it down.

This life is very short and every second we spend it matters a lot. On 20th of February, 1953, a 15 year old boy, Joseph Ligon went to a party with his colleagues. They got drunk and they made a mistake that would later affect them for the rest of their lives.

They were drunk, so they ended up robbing and stabbing 8 people that night. Two of the victims lost their lives while the others were badly injured. 

As a result of this, Joseph Ligon was arrested and he went to trial where he pled guilty to the crime. Unfortunately, he was sentenced to a mandatory life imprisonment after he pled guilty.he was incarcerated in February, 1953.

He lost his entire childhood and spent most of his life behind bars. He was meant to spend the rest of his life in prison but something happened in 2017. After spending almost 7 decades inside the prison, he was eligible for parole which means he would spend some time out of jail and return. 

Instead of accepting this offer, Joe Ligon rejected the parole if he is going to get out of jail, he does not want to ever come back behind bars again, so it is better for him to stay than to leave and come back later.

He said , he had spent too many years in jail than he being out for a while and come back or getting supervised for the rest of his life. So he rejected the offer.

It has been 68 years that Joseph Ligon has been in prison and he thought he was going to rot in there because he was sentenced life imprisonment but God finally intervened. After his attorney won the case in 2020, after refusing not to give up fighting for Joseph Ligon case.

Joseph Ligon was let out of prison in 2021(this year) After he got out, he said, he wants others to learn from his experience because he is now like a foreigner in this world as everything have changed to him. He has been in jail since 20th Century and he got out in the 21th Century, many things have changed and he will just start learning how to survive all again.

Joseph Ligon is currently 84 years and has been the longest American serving prisoner.


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