Oti Region: Kpastech PTA Meet Parents Over Matters Arising And Students Welfare.


Oti Region: Kpastech  PTA Meet Parents Over Matters Arising And Students Welfare.

The Executive of the Parent/Teacher Association of Kpassa Senior High Technical School has, July 13 meet parents of students of the school to discuss how best to handle issues pertaining to the welfare of the students, current happenings and the school.

The decision follows some  emergencies meeting by the school's Board of Governors in the aftermath of the resent matters speculating and hunting the girls in their dorm couple of days ago. 

A close interactions with some of the girls indicate that, unknown sounds and screaming voices at midnight, drops of blood on the corridors and many other strange things that are  causing fair and panic to them, this has sent some students who's parents leaves in and around kpassa home as others couldn't get that opportunity and still waiting for response and actions from authority.

Abraham Babum Bigirni, Senior House Father has revealed some bad attitude of most teachers making love with some students after classes and the act of students leaving the school premises without permission including many others  that the management and staff are ready to handle with immediate effect. He added it will be good as a parent to get a teacher's number to be checking how your child is doing in school.

Ubor Konja Tasan IV, Paramount chief of Kpassa and Board chairman of the school in his speech has thanked both teaching and non teaching staff of the school for their contribution towards the development of the school. He said it's a great privilege given to him to serve as a board chairman to his formar school and promise to protect the integrity of the school and the welfare of the students.

According to him, management has put before him the current challenges confronting the students and the school of which he's coming to look at it both physical and spiritual.

Moreover, Ubor Konja IV told parents the school management has witness some so called Getto's and falls prophet in the school that  as mater of urgent he's coming to scratch away those Gettos and investigate in the prophet and other matters happing.

Finally, Ubor Konja Tasan IV has appealed to parents to monitor their wards in school and after school. He said free SHS has made some parents relatable and unconcern on their wards academic performance and welfare, he therefore entreat any parents as said earlier by the senior hours father to at least get a teacher who will monitor your child's in and out in the school.

“The time has come for the board to critically look at how best we can help solve this problems of our students having gettos, smoking and other spiritual matters, for such activities instead of productive activities” he added.

All things being equal, parents have agreed to pay an amount of 50gh to support the school in completion of their fence wall to boost their security system.

The meeting was held in the absence of the headmaster due to some undisclosed reasons.

By: Evans Manasseh

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