Update from Ejura; 6 persons shot

 Update from Ejura; 6 persons shot.

Information on the deceased and injured.

1. Abdul Nasir Yussif 25 was shot on the left shoulder into chest.

He had internal bleeding in the chest. He died before arrival. 

2. Muntala Mohammed, 26 was shot at back through to the chest. 

He had severe chest injury with internal bleeding. 

He died 10 minutes after arrival. 

He was resuscitated on oxygen. He was given blood. 

*4 injured

1st person sustains severe injuries. 

- has injury on the thigh - the fenur bone got completely fractured. 

He has multiple deep laceration on the thigh with bleeding into the thigh muscles.

He has been given blood.

2nd person has an injury on right side abdomen affecting the right hip bone.

He has also been given blood. He went into shock. 

3rd person sustained injuries on the thigh. He is stable now. 

4th person sustained injury on the right thigh. He is also stable now.


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