We Are Going To March To Get Ghana Fixed – NDC Adds More Flesh To The Reason For Their ‘March For Justice’ Demo

The NDC has given much reasons why they are going to ‘March For Justice’ on Tuesday.

Under the auspices of the Youth Wing, the march was to demand for justice over the police-cum-military brutalities under the current government.

It was also to seek social justice for the unemployed youth in the country.

However on Saturday, July 3, the party added other reasons.

“We are marching to assert our right to freely express our opinions without getting attacked and killed,” the party tweeted.

“More importantly, we are marching to get Ghana fixed.”

The march is scheduled to begin at 6:00am at Accra Mall and end at Parliament House with a pit stop at the Jubilee House to present a petition to the President.

Source: GhanaFeed.com

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