3 Armedrobbers who robbed and killed an okada rider involved in an accident

Some issues are just strange to understand sometimes. It is not common to hear armed robbers involved in an accident whilst planning a robbery or after one. But three young boys who are notorious armed robbers have been involved in a serious road accident with all three sustaining injuries.

The accident happened after the three young armed robbers including twenty-year-old Kobena Stephen, Qwansah Kofi who is also nineteen years, and Nepondy Edward who is also twenty years completed a robbery operation.

They took their guns and decided to go for an operation.

Their destination was at the Ahafo Ano Southeast District’s community of Brepro in the Ashanti Region.

They targeted a young man known as Kweku Manu who is an Okada rider in the area.

They pointed their guns at him and robbed him of his mobile phone, money, and motorcycle.

After realizing there was nothing to rob, they killed the motor rider and dumped him in the bush.

They later bolted with the same motorbike they had stolen from the man.

God being so good, they crashed the motorcycle on the highway and had a serious accident.

They could not move any longer after sustaining severe injuries and that led to their arrest.

Residents in the area rushed to the accident scene to assist them with no knowledge that they were armed robbers.

The police arrived there in no time and the three confessed to committing the crime.

They led the police to where they dumped the body of the Okada rider.

Back at the house of the Okada rider, Kwaku Manu, he had left home for work and his five children and wife were expecting as usual to return and bring some money on the table.

They heard of the accident which involved his motorcycle, they rushed to the scene and realized it was armed robbers who were on the motorbike.

The wife and children could not control their tears when they finally realized their husband and father and died.

Their home is currently full of sympathizers who are shocked at the sudden demise of the man.

The sad aspect is that the eldest of the five children is only sixteen years and there is no hope of who will take care of their education.

The three armed robbers are currently at the hospital with bandages wrapped around their heads and other parts of their bodies.

One of them seems unconscious and could be seen lying on the hospital bed helplessly.

In the meantime, they are under arrest and will face the laws after their treatment.

The ages of these young boys who have decided to engage in armed robbery activities is a serious issue for discussion for the country.

Something must be before matters get out of hand among the young population.

Source: cbgist.com

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