Accountant commits suicide after detecting GHC 12,000 church money was missing

An accountant with Tabernacle Believers Worship Centre (TBWC) has allegedly committed suicide in Gyara Zongo in Medie near Nsawam.

According to a source, the accountant has been with the church for the past eight 8 years until he was found hanging from a tree in the late hours of yesterday at the back of his house. 

It was revealed that the body of the deceased was found hanging by one Enoch Agana who is also a church member of the Tabernacle Believers. 

The source in narrating the incident revealed that Enoch had gone to the house to deliver the youth’s weekly finance to the deceased church accountant so he could add to his Sunday stewardship briefings, on the state of the church’s financial affairs.

Enoch arrived at the Accountant’s house at almost 5 pm, where he shouted the name of the deceased but there was no response. Enoch after waiting for six minutes and still not getting any responses decided to go to the backyard of the house to ease himself.

It was at that point that he saw the hanging body of the 51-year old Church Accountant. 

Enoch called for help and together with others was able to take the almost lifeless body of Mr Armstrong to the Medie Hospital for emergency care.

Mr Armstrong was confirmed dead at the Medie hospital after he was admitted to the emergency theatre of the hospital. 

Though there hasn’t been any postmortem, Enoch Agana and some church members have confirmed that the man’s death was because of a missing 12,000cedis which he couldn’t account for in his end-year financial review.

They revealed that Mr Armstrong in his end of year financial review on 27 June 2021, could not account for a missing 12,000cedis which was nowhere to be found after he read his financial report to the church. 

A church audit report conducted on the church’s bank accounts revealed that the 12,000cedis was missing from the account because it was never deposited into the church’s bank account.

The auditors further stated that the accountant Mr Armstrong, may have either deducted the actual monies that were supposed to go into the church’s bank account or had misplaced it. 

This called for his resignation and prosecution from some of the church members while others blamed it on his old age.

The church leaders were yet to decide on what to do with the situation when the news of Mr Armstrong’s death broke out last night. 

He left behind a wife and two children.


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