Asantes and Akans are the problem of this nation; Asante Oyokohene Afrifa Mensah finally Confesses

HYPOCRISY Is the new normal among Ghanaians especially the Akans.

One of the most harmful tendencies killing the Ghanaian society is the hypocrisy that has creeped into the moral “DNA” of the affluent, journalists, political elites, the clergy and vast majority of the ordinary. 

Today no one can call out wrong when they are affiliated to the problem and the Ghanaian society keeps decaying in the midst of jokes and rhetorics about a cancer that will take centuries to repair.

In all this no one wants to call out why this hypocrisy is thriving because its inscribed in the Akan trabilistic pseudonym of being superior than the rest of the other ethnic groups in Ghana; I know you are raising your eyebrows about this sentiment but its only another pseudonym hypocrite who will claim not to know this nor will admonish it as false.

Not long every problem was attributed to Mahama but today that its the Akans peoples party, the problems do not have sources anymore. Today its the Akan peoples party so the problems only exist in the imaginations of haters.

The Oyokohene of Asante has spoken today and admitted that yes indeed Ghana’s problem is really caused by his own tribe and Akans in General.

Speaking today on Onua TV, Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah opined “ When we(Akans) are in power, we never criticize. What we did to John Mahama and how firecely we criticised him in this country was unprecedented.”

I am an Asante and I am saying we are the problem of this country. We Akans don’t say the truth. This bizarre, bad leadership and governance of the Akuffo Addo led administration is happening and you are sitting down quiet as if nothing has happened. You are hypocrites. Let us think.


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