Bantama: After being dumped by his wife, a man takes his own life.

A 40-year-old man, Kojo Eric Haggan, has committed suicide after his wife allegedly dumped him at Ohwim Hwediem at Bantama in the Ashanti Region.

According to a senior brother of the deceased, Mr Akwasi Haggan, his junior brother, travelled to Germany and later came back because he could not secure his immigration documents.

According to AtinkaOnline, although he tried to get genuine documents when he was sent back, he could not succeed. Akwasi Haggan indicated that due to that, his wife also decided to leave his brother.

“He came down and we had a funeral so he stayed. He told me that he had been deported. He said he was using someone’s document to work but he had a little argument with the person and he was deported. 

“When he came, he tried to get a visa to travel elsewhere and that one did not also go through and so we were here for about three days but on the third day I decided not to leave for work because he was acting strangely,” the elder brother said.

Akwasi said although the family encouraged Eric, he could not bear the pain of being dumped and was later found dead hanging on a ceiling.

He continued that, “We were here when he started talking and asking what he should do. I encouraged him and he asked me to buy him food so I went out to buy it and ate and after eating I left him but about 5 p.m, he was nowhere to be found. 

“I started searching for him and I searched all the rooms but could not find him. I searched the ceiling and found out that he had hanged himself there.”

The Boshen Police Station were notified of the incident before the body was retrieved from the ceiling.

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