Get a business, not a job, if you really love your children’ — Man advises parents (Video)


A young man has offered a piece of free life advice to parents to have a business their kids can inherit when they die, rather than a job that comes with a monthly salary.

In a TikTok video making the rounds, he said if parents really love and care for their children, they should own a business instead of working in a corporation.

He explained that when the parents die while working for someone, their employer will replace them with another employee, even before they’re buried. And in a situation where parents are given an official house and car, they will be returned to the company leaving the children with nothing.

The young man argued that, in the case of a business, the children are left with something to inherit and continue which will cushion them financially even after their parents pass away.

He, therefore, advised parents to open a business if they really love their children and care about their future.

Watch video below


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