I’m Surprised People Think I’m Not Fighting Corruption When My Gov’t Has Invested Most In It – Akufo-Addo


President Akufo-Addo says his fight against corruption has not waned as most people perceive.

In a meeting with the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition at the Jubilee House, Accra, he said his government had invested more resources in the state’s anti-corruption agencies than any other administration in the country’s history and would ensure that those investments did not come to naught.

“It is unfortunate that the perception is that the commitment of government is waning especially when two or three facts are taken into account.”

“I don’t think that any government has mobilised resources to give the opportunity for anti-corruption agencies of the state to function as efficiently as this government has done. It is a matter of record,” he said.

“If the institutions of the republic that are meant to take the struggle are not capable to do so, all talk about fighting corruption remain meaningless,” he held, adding that the yearly increases in the budgetary allocations for the anti-corruption institutions were a clear demonstration of the commitment of the government to fight corruption.


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