In July alone, 256 more individuals were killed in car accidents.


According to the most recent accident statistics from the Police Motor Traffic and Transport  Department (MTTD), 256 more individuals died in July alone.

This implies that between January and July 1706, lives were lost in the country due to road traffic accidents.

This is a 24.43 percent increase over the same period last year, when 1371 individuals were murdered.
In terms of injuries, the country has registered 9299 occurrences in the last seven months, with 1111 of them happening in July.

This is a 13.43 percent increase over the same period previous year.
In just seven months, 735 individuals have been murdered in motorbike accidents. In the month of July alone, 113 people perished and 368 were wounded.

The Ashanti area continues to dominate in the number of people killed in car accidents.
Between January and July, 357 people have died. In July, 60 people were killed in the area.

With 279 deaths in the previous seven months, the Eastern area is in second place, with 36 deaths in July.

With five fatalities in seven months, the North East Region had the lowest mortality rate.


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