Nana Addo who Promised a million job is asking Ghanaians to contribute Ghc100 to build a church for God

Nana Addo made a vow to God, the creator of heaven and earth, to construct him a National Cathedral, a place where all Christians can congregate and worship God, which has elicited both praise and criticism. 

Captain Smart, a well-known member and vocalist in Pentecost church, has pledged to donate a whole bag of cement to help with the development. I guess his timing was correct, because a bag of cement cost roughly 25cedis last year.

Since then, the price has risen to over 50 cedis this year, and supporters of the President have worked to get him fired as an anchor and station manager at Angel FM for making the Nana Addo-led administration unpopular; who knows, he may have flipped his support as well.

He is currently the most outspoken critic of Nana Addo, whom he refers to as “senior incompetent.”

Fast forward to today, when the President enlisted the help of an internationally renowned architect and a Ghanaian living in the United Kingdom who supports “Gay and Lesbian rights,” to create a design for the country that made headlines around the world, and just yesterday, the Finance Minister announced that everything is on track. 

Ken Ofori Atta, on the other hand, may have made a seemingly contentious parallel that few have considered, until one Emmanuel Issah Abudu, on Facebook, will attract the nation’s attention to it in a viral post.

This isn’t the first time, either, that this ostensibly negative feedback has appeared. People have questioned how he was able to increase salaries by only 4%, despite increasing his salary by 74 percent, and how they can donate a whopping 100cedis to support this effort, when their salaries are still meager, in the face of rising prices and worsening living standards.


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