Peaceful Demonstration Strengthens the Administration And Development of every Government - Local Government expect

 Local government expect, Owusu Andrews has reacted to the fix the country demonstration as a good step to put the government on his fit. He said a demonstration that citizens team up without destroying the properties of the nation brings back government focus on the national interest and it development

Mr. Andrews added that, though it doesn't creat good atmosphere and peaceful place to foreign investors to come into the country but it's a plus in our democracy for immediate attention.

In and interview with Oti base Radio Safari Newscaster *Evans Manasseh,* the expect said there are many challenges confronting the country that government needs to fix but the most important thing that needs to be fixed is the attitude of some Ghanaian politicians and traditional leaders. He said, interfering in the security and the lack of jobs among the youth mouth pressure and insecurity in the country, therefore government should wake up.

Finally he said, president Nana Akuffu Addo is the only president who did not meet good luck in governance despite the good initiative of the NPP "dept and mismanagement including covid-19 has revealed itself in his administration though some are caused by previous administrations but he believes that with the policies and experience the NPP leaders have can turn things around.

Story by: Evans Manasseh

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