Soldier is in hot water after reportedly killing a 22-year-old teenager for assaulting his daughter at church.


A Nigerian soldier has found himself drowning in troubled waters after he allegedly assaulted a boy who picked up a quarrel with his daughter in church. 

The deceased, Hope Tava Anthony, and the soldier’s daughter, identified as Adeoye Precious, had a misunderstanding after he confronted her for insulting their reverend Father, on Friday, August 25, 2021.

She was said to have insulted Anthony and his late father, which led him to slap her.

An eyewitness to the unfortunate incident recounts, “The matter was later resolved and both of them were punished in church. But she went home to report to her father, who picked him up and took him to Ilese Sappers Barracks, where he b*at him mercilessly.

It was the people around that begged for him before the soldier allowed him to go after a severe beating. On getting home, he refused to tell his widowed mom what happened, maybe he didn’t want to hurt her.

He had complained of headaches and body pain and said he needed some rest. He went to bed on Friday night and never woke up. He was taken to the hospital yesterday, where doctors confirmed that he died from internal bleeding. He was the only son of his mom.

She’s devastated and doesn’t know what to do.”

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