The most useless people in Ghana are teachers, I thank God I am not a teacher; Captain Smart says it all

Each and everyone of you is aware about how the Politicians capitalize on education especially the plight of teachers to come to power. A quick reminder to teachers and those who care about teachers that the Ghanaian Politician has taken them for granted. 

Immediately NPP took power in 2017, they announced to every teachers who was being owed by the then Mahama government to report to their various local offices for validation. A lot of teachers went through the ordeal but no positive results came out of it.

As we have seen in the neglect of 200 E-blocks the Mahama started, the plights of the teacher have also been abandonned or neglected.

The government have adopted a new tactics to worsen the condition of the teacher.

What have teachers done to be treated like this. Do you know that the difference between AD1 and AD2 in GES is Ghc 46 and between Deputy Director and AD1 is Ghc 36.
What have they done to deserve this unfair treatment. 

Their Union leaders are bought, all of them are in the pocket of the Politician whether NPP or NDC. 
I think Ghanaians must be aware of this ill treatment that will a long way to affect their children. This is affecting the teachers approach to work and if care is not taken educational disaster looks.

Captain Smart has stated emphatically this morning that teachers among all government workers are the most frustrated group of people in Ghana.

He asserted on Onua TV, that “the most useless people in Ghana are teachers. I thank God I am not a teacher. When you pressurize a hungry man , he will come after you.”

“What is happening is really bad. 21st century and the teacher who crosses a river to go out to teach. You increase teachers salary by 4% whiles you increase yours by 79%. Afterwards you tell the teachers they can’t be millionaires..

All teachers must stop teaching and find another job. You are in this country and telling teachers they are stupid. Teachers salary was just increased by Ghc20. I love you but you have failed.


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