This man is said to be the most strongest military soldier in Africa

Meet the Ghanaian officer who is said to be the strongest soldier in the whole of West Africa, in his simple but energetic moves as he was spotted wearing his uniform.

One will move back after watching the video of this Ghanaian strongest soldier who is well built in muscles holding gun and walking in the bush, as if he was attacking his enemies in a war.

This is a viral video trending on facebook and social media, the well built soldier was spotted with gun walking in the bush and some of his training moments are also in the video. No wonder he has been classified as West Africa’s strongest soldier.

His name was given as Raymond Kwaku. In fact, Ghanaians are proud to have him recognized in our country. 

After watching the video, you would wish that, you were an Army Officer to have him for a friend who will be by your side every time.

Aside Raymond’s huge muscular body, he is also very handsome and good looking. His complexion is unique, exhibiting the true complexion of a true African.


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