Trotro driver pretends to be mad after crushing into a 2021 Range Rover

A commercial (trotro) driver in an attempt to escape payment after crushing into a 2021 Range Rover had no option than to pretend to be mentally unstable.

In a video sighted, the said trotro driver had taken off his shirt and was seen displaying in the bush as if to say that he had lost his senses.

The collision had attracted many people to the scene who were there to assess the damage caused but the commercial bus driver was already in the dirt.

He was seen jumping up and down and putting himself on the floor as the camera caught what he was doing. 

It appeared the collision was quite severe as the 2021 Range Rover was seen turned upside down on the ear of the road.

Watch the video below: 

Read some comments below: 

awo_yaa_boateng: “?I feel for him”

ariana_kendra_: “Ohia Asem ??”

prince_wishwell_: “With a strong hand ? his brain will be reset, that madness will not exist ????”


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