A day after burying her only son, a bereaved woman passes away.

A bereaved mother has joined her ancestors just one day after her only son was laid to rest.

Mrs Jummai Albert, unable to handle the sorrow of losing her only son, followed him to his grave in less than 24 hours.

Jerry Albert, the deceased son, was murdered in Adamawa State, Nigeria, by unidentified individuals. 

He was shot and killed on Tuesday, August 31, just as he was leaving a friend's house. 

Jerry, a student at Adamawa State University, Mubi, is said to be involved. On Thursday, September 2, the young man was allegedly buried. 

Mrs Albert, who had been unable to accept her son's death, died on September 3rd. 

On Saturday, she will be laid to rest in Adamawa's Zakawan neighborhood.

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