An angry wife storms the church with her five children in order to ruin her husband's secret wedding.


A Massive scene erupted after a woman identified as Janvier walked into a church auditorium with five kids to disrupt an ongoing wedding.

The wedding was happening between the woman’s husband who had abandoned her years ago and a side chick who the man claimed was his cousin.

Pastors and family of the man could not stop the lady as she held her husband confronting him trying to find out why he would treat her that bad.

All people could do was stand and stare as the drama unfolded in the house of the Lord.

It was revealed in a video gone viral that Janvier received a call from an unknown person who gave her hint that her husband has been seen walking into a church with another bride.

She rushed from the farm and carried her kids and headed straight to the wedding grounds where the drama unfolded.



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