Angry Boyfriend hammers girlfriend to death, tied her body and hid her in a sack

Death penalty is really needed on this continent if you are found guilty without a reasonable doubt cause, the people who are committing these heinous crimes really doesn’t deserve to live either. 

Surely this did not just happen overnight, it is hard to understand and accept that people would willingly stay in a relationship that is toxic, it just keeps escalating to the point of no return. 

Many would rather be single and alive than have any man lift a finger or speak abusively to me. May we raise our girls to be strong enough to walk away while they can. So sorry for what happened to this lady love does not hurt.

A family is striving to come to terms with the killing of 24-year-old daughter Sinathi Magqazana, who is believed to have been beaten to death with a hammer. The young ladys body was discovered in a garbage bag, allegedly at the entrance of her suitor’s shack in Marikana informal settlement, Zwelihle, early on Saturday morning.

Angry inhabitants destroyed his house on Monday. Police investigation teams spokesperson Wesley Twigg, announced a trial of murder was initiated, and a 23-year-old suspect had been apprehended in relation with Magqazana’s slaughter.

The mother of the deceased, Nozuko Mbovane, narrated how two local children arrived to inform the family around 11am, telling they were urgently wanted in Marikana.

“My husband rushed to the scene and found her body by the door. Her head and entire upper body was in a black plastic refuse bag. Her face was swollen and had a wound behind her ear. A hammer was also beside her body. He apparently handed himself over to the police.”

The sad reality disclosed by the mother, Mbovane was that her daughter was the mother of a 3-year-old son. According to Anita April a neighbor, who escorted the family to the sad sight, Magqazana was with her pals vacating a place they were gathered and conversing after arguing with her boyfriend.

Her clothing were dirty and full of sand, as if she had been dragged, and both sides of her cheeks had scratches.” It is believed that the boyfriend had pounced on her earlier this year.

On Wednesday, September 15, a 24-year-old man, Khanyile Ramba, appeared in Hermanus Magistrate’s Court in South Africa for the murder of his girlfriend, Sinathi Magazine.


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