Confusing Twists: “Her baby was removed & 11 other pregnant women were also kidnapped”-What’s the real truth about the missing but found pregnant woman, Josephine?

Ever since news broke that, Josephine Panyin Mensah has been found, there have been lots of missed reactions and several reports and it’s hard to actually know what exactly happened. has observed that first photos of the woman shared does not show her having her baby bump and that should be clearly visible considering that, we were told that she was 9 months pregnant at the time she went missing on September 16.

Whiles Angel Fm had reported that those who kidnapped her wanted to use her for money rituals but failed because she’s carrying twins and that she’s a twin herself, another source says they forced her to deliver and took the baby from her.

A Police statement from the Western Regional Command would kill all of these rumours once its released but while we wait, it’s important to ask the necessary questions.

For instance, another source says that the woman has disclosed that there were 12 other pregnant women that had been kidnapped including her and that she was the only one who survived.

With people going missing every now and then in Ghana, some citizens have raised concerns about the state of our security in the country and what the leadership are doing about it.

Be rest assured that, has its ears on the grounds and will update you with facts on this very story as and when we learn more details on what actually happened to Josephine and how she was found and whether or not all of the stories are true or not.


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