Men, please be afraid of us, says Lady as she tells the story of her brother raising a child who wasn't his for four years.


The ‘fear women’ matra has been echoed by a woman who took to Twitter to alert all men to fear her gender because of the shocking things they often come up with in relationships. 

The lady who goes by the name Pr_titanium1 on Twitter narrated how her elder brother raised and catered for a child that wasn’t his for a period of four years.

The lady disclosed that her brother and the supposed son share some resemblance to some extent which gave little room to suspect any foul play until a DNA test conducted four years later proved that the child belongs to another man.

She quoted;

“My elder brother once raised a child that wasn’t his for good FOUR YEARS & if you see this child,you’ll think my brother vomits him which led to chaos in d family. Thank God for DNA test. Yes, I’m a woman but Men pls FEAR US &be extra careful out dia.”


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