On the internet, a video of immigration recruits crying during 'tough' training has surfaced.

A video of some Immigration recruits sobbing during their training has popped up online

The video showed the recruits wearing white T-shirts and shorts as they went through their drills

Recently, another video of a recruit trying to rappel from a cliff popped up on social media

A new video showing a training session alleged to be that of the Ghana Immigration Service has shown some of the recruits weeping uncontrollably during their drills.

In the video sighted by YEN.com.gh on Instagram, the recruits were seen shedding tears over what appeared to be their challenge in completing the drills.

The recruits who were seen wearing white T-shirts and shorts were sitting on the bare ground as they went through their training.

Some of the recruits were seen wiping their tears as they took instructions from their supervisors.

Others were seen walking away from the training square amid loud tears and had gloomy faces on probably because they were fatigued.

One part of the video showed one of the recruits bending down to wipe tears from her eyes as the supervisor screamed out some instructions to be followed.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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