Rick Ross Takes on His Own Crate Challenge – Check It Out!

Rick Ross is the most recent rapper to join the viral crate challenge that is sweeping the internet. However, he took things a step further—both literally and metaphorically—by including some boss-like characteristics in his rendition of the challenge. 

Rozay posted a video of himself ascending atop a gradual stack of boxes of Luc Belaire champagne, for whom he is an ambassador, earlier today (August 25). Ross said in the video: "Ricky Rozay, the game's most powerful opponent. I was summoned. This is the trial of Luc Belaire. Now let's get started." The video is embedded at the bottom of this article.

The notion of the crate challenge, which is now trending on social media, is to go up and down a series of stacked milk crates on opposite sides without falling. Many have tried, but just a handful have succeeded. 

Rick Ross isn't the first rapper to enter the competition. DDG, a 2021 XXL Freshman, posted video of himself carefully stepping up a stair-like stack of milk crates, completing the task without falling or harming himself. 

Vic Mensa and singer YK Osiris have joined in on the perilous fun as well. Vic easily conquered the challenge wearing dark sunglasses with what looked like a bottle of white liquor in his hand. Meanwhile, Osiris wasn't so lucky and came crashing down when he attempted to complete the challenge. 

Source: xxlmage.com

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