(+VIDEO) A police officer in uniform is caught on camera breaking into someone's home late at night.

A Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) footage going viral on the internet captured the moment a uniformed Police officer broke into a house to steal.

The viral video suggests there are rogue police officers who engage in criminal activities at night.

The officer who was armed to the teeth with a heavy long metal rod that he uses to break into apartments and shops wasted no time as he forcibly made his way into the residential house with the tools he had in hand after the owner had left.

Cyprian Nyakundi shared the video on his Twitter page and lashed at Kenyan police officers, calling them thieves.

“Criminals in uniform the Kenya Police seen here breaking into a residence. Kiganjo Police College should be disbanded for producing thieves instead of law enforcement officers,” he wrote.

Source: ghbase.com 

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