Women are smarter than men when it comes to cheating– Blessing Okoro argues


Vlogger and s3x therapist Blessing Okoro has argued that women are smarter than men when it comes to cheating.

She blurted out this statement in a new update on her IG platform. She quoted;

“Dear men,

We know this game…

Be faithful please”

Blessing further stated in another post, that a man can only cheat on a woman who doesn’t pay attention or who pretends not to pay attention. Blessing CEO wrote:

“Women are far smarter than men..

Just chop ur sh*t privately na the smell go make us put mouth oooo.”

The popular relationship expert recently released new content about marriage in a new video she shared on Instagram.

Blessing advised people to be deceived into thinking that happiness comes when someone is married.

She shared a video on her Instagram page, where she made it known that marriage alone cannot make a person happy because a person coming into another’s life would only make his or her spouse better.

She said;

“No one can make you feel happy. People can only make you feel less alone. Society gives you the perception that a man or woman makes you feel happy but marriage does not make you happy.

You need to make yourself happy. Anyone coming into your life is coming to make you better and not happy. Many of you didn’t know that you are made out of God’s image.”

Watch the video below;

Source: ghbase.com

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