Google to give all employees worldwide $1600 bonus for holiday season

Google has announced that its employees worldwide will receive $1,600 one-time bonuses this month for the holiday season, despite the tech giant’s decision to postpone a planned return to the office.

According to Reuters, a Google spokesperson confirmed the news, revealing that the bonuses will also be given to the company’s extended workforce and interns.

According to a Google spokesperson, the bonus is in addition to the company’s work-from-home allowance and well-being bonuses to help employees cope during the nearly two-year pandemic.

A survey conducted by the company in March revealed a drop in employee well-being, prompting Google to announce a series of benefits, including a $500 cash bonus.

According to Reuters, the total amount set aside by Google for bonuses this year is unknown.

The new payment comes as the company postpones its initial return-to-work plan indefinitely due to concerns about the spread of the omicron variant and some employees refusing to comply with the vaccine mandate, according to Reuters.


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