her boyfriend's father rejects their relationship because she wore trousers on her first visit, the lady breaks down in tears.


A burgeoning relationship has been curtailed by the lady’s stubborn decision to wear a pair of trousers on her first visit.

Her boyfriend’s father decided to call off the relationship because the lady put on a pair of trousers on her first official visit to meet the family.

According to the story, the lady decided to put on the unprescribed attire even after his boyfriend had warned her not to do so because his father was a devout Christian who would not condone any form of secularism.

No sooner had she arrived to meet her boyfriend’s father than their relationship was rejected. Her boyfriend also did not like the fact that she disrespected him thus could not beg on her behalf when she was shown the exit by his father.

Lola Okunrin shared the story on Twitter by writing…

“I have never seen this kind of mumu behaviour before.

Your boyfriend told you he’s from a Christian home and his dad doesn’t love it when people wear trousers to visit him. You decided to wear trousers like “let your daddy accept me for who i am”. Now they have said No to the…

Union. You are now looking for people to plead for you. O ti koja mehn.

Simple instruction, you couldn’t concur. Bobo too is angry with you. He said you are disrespectful to his father’s wish. Simple “When you are coming, wear skirt”

No lele sha, men are plenty out there.”


Source: Ghpage.com

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