Kennedy Agyapong's illness manifests itself in court as he faces Anas in a defamation case (Video)

About three months ago, Kennedy Agyapong was reportedly sent to the United States of America to seek medical treatment.

The report that Kennedy Agyapong had fallen terribly ill and was suffering from stroke was first broken by Kevin Taylor on his Youtube page during an episode of his political talks.

Kennedy Agyapong’s son and family swiftly took to the internet to rubbish Kevin Taylor’s claims that their royal was sick.

Well, Kevin Taylor who has squared off with Kennedy Agyapong on several occasions has once again hit hard at Assin Central MP concerning his alleged sickness.

This time around, Kevin Taylor has professed that Kennedy Agyapong was in intense pains during his face-off with Anas at a court in the US over a defamation case hanging around his neck by the investigative journalist.

According to Kevin Taylor, the judge who was presiding over the case had to prematurely end the court’s hearing because Kennedy Agyapong couldn’t speak well even after he was allowed to take off his nose mask.

He went on to report that, Kennedy Agyapong had a mournful face coupled with a bilious attack when he was answering the questions thrown at him by the judge.

Kennedy Agyapong’s queasy mood in the courtroom prompted the judge to ask if he was unwell to which he replied in the affirmative NO!

Kevin Taylor narrated all that allegedly happened in the courtroom in the video below. Check it out to know more.


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