Legendary Ghanaian GK's disabled son won't trade "cap" even for ability to walk; Video

It has been more than half a century since the passing of legendary Ghanaian goalkeeper, Robert Mensah.

The man touted as Ghana's best ever goalkeeper was known for his peculiar appearance during games; an all-black kit and a checkered cup Robert Mensah Junior, also known as Kofi Antoh, physically disabled, has said he won't trade his dad's cap for anything in the world including the ability to walk.

Robert Mensah Junior, the physically challenged son of Ghanaian legendary goalkeeper, Robert Mensah, has said he will not trade his father's famous cap even for the ability to walk.

Kofi Antoh, as he is also called, said in a video interview sighted by YEN.com.gh that, he has had his father's cap for more than 50 years and to trade it now for anything would be a betrayal.

The late Asante Kotoko goalkeeper, Mensah, had a distinct choice of apparel for when he played, a jet-black shirt and shots kits, topped with a black-brown-white-cream checkered peaky cap.

The look rightly earned him the 'Yashin' name, after Russian goalkeeper who invented the look, Lev Yashin of the then Soviet Union.

In the video interview, conducted by Ghanaian radio broadcaster and musician, Black Rasta, Robert Mensah Junior was asked that, if someone comes to him to buy his father's cap, will he sell it? "No. That is not true. For instance, you came to me because of this hat. I don't know who else is going to come in search of this hat, but if they arrive, how would I give it to them? "If it happens that way, I've sold my fathers' memory. That's not good. I will have to beg and refuse, he answered.

Kofi Antoh was then asked "if someone comes to you and says, I will heal you [disabled legs] in exchange for the hat, will you agree?"

Robert Mensah Junior's physical challenge was due to pre-mature birth. As it was reported, his mother was six week pregnant when she heard the news of Robert Mensah's demise, which then forced her into labour. Robert Mensah played his best games for Asante Kotoko, with the most notable being their epic victory over the Mobutu-backed T.P. Englebert of Kinshasa in the African Clubs Cup final of 1970.

For the Ghana Black Stars, his role in the final of the 1968 Africa Cup of Nations - arguably the one real peak of Mensah's international career, was his standout performance, although the Stars lost the game to Zaire (now DR Congo).

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Source: Yen.com.gh 

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